Exploit Version 2.1

Enter your Nickname and click "Next" to start!

How to use Slither.io Hack Tool

It's very simple to use, we made sure it's not a complicated process. First, you are required to enter a Nickname that you are planning to use, after you enter your username the second step will appear which will offer you to choose many options such as mass for your snake, that is also score as well. That means every time you start a new game you will have the same amount of mass you selected while using the slither.io online hack.

The other 3 Features

Unlocking All Skins

This means you will be able to use every skin available out there, this never expires. It's not like a score (mass) hack where you will be required to use our hacking software again every 7 days.

Unlimited Zoom

With this feature you will be able to do unlimited zoom out which is a great thing because you can observe much more around you and can bring you tremendous benefits.


Witch this option turned ON the enemies won't be able to kill you, the best thing we implemented on this feature is you can turn it OFF and ON instantly, the hotkey for it will be "Shift" + "N". This feature is also called GOD MODE.

After you selected what you want to use click on "Start" button. This will bring you to the console screen which will tell you about what is going on in the hacking process of slither io. Then we may ask you to complete a survey on the sponsored offer, we do this mainly to prevent abuse of this hack, it is in the interest of all of us to ensure long term working. The anti-bot protection will not be always triggered, we run multiple checks in the background for things such as IP Blacklist, your Country, Browser, and many other things, if you meet the criteria the anti-bot protection will not appear on you.

You are probably wondering how it works, we will explain now. We have hacked slither.io database and we have full-time access which is untraceable. After you type your nickname we run several calculations and detections to find out the exact user that is going to play the game, we detect your IP, Browser User Agent, cookies and few other things and then we match it with records in slither.io database. We keep records in our database also so we know when 7 days expire.

To make slitherio hacks possible for all the people we spend a tremendous amount of work. We have few experts in the hacking field and they have been able to penetrate slitherio network in early release stages when it was the most vulnerable. We also have web developers that have created this easy to use web platform for various people that doesn't have any knowledge in technical stuff. The platform looks simple and without much things going on, but in the background, PHP servers are very complex and run many calculations and operations. That is also one reason why we run surveys on our website, we have to keep paying for servers and developers that maintenance everything to run smooth and fully operational.

Using Slither.io Hack No Download

This particular version is without downloading anything on your computer which is much safe comparing to .exe programs that can contain viruses, even if you scan them with antivirus they are dangerous, you can be infected with potential adware or spyware. Slither.io hack online is the next generation and we are recommending it to everyone.

Slitherio Hacks without Surveys

Any website offering you completely free hacks with no survey they are lying to you because there is no such thing, it is too expensive to maintain and if they are giving it for free then it will soon be dead and give them no benefit at all, these hack tools are much likely infected and will harm your computer or smartphone, also choose only websites with SSL because it's much safer.

Slither APK Offline Hack

Some websites offer APK Mods that modifies everything in the game just for fun because these mods are offline and you won't be able to play it with other people only with bots. Some people think it's real and multiplayer mode but it's not. Yes, they offer secret skins but no fun in playing singleplayer whatsoever.


There are many slither.io cheats out there but many are viruses and doesn't work, so choose carefully when you are downloading or using these tools. We will continue building and developing this platform in future and we hope people will see our hard work that we put into this project. If someone have any good feature for us to implement let us know by emailing us.